Our company Solmaz Machinery has been founded in 1990 with technical background, belief in producing the best and devotion of two close friends. In a short while the company has gained a significant place within the sector in machining and moulding thanks to its consistent way of working that is based on trust and high quality.

We kept growing by establishing our serial manufacturing line in accordance with sectoral needs.

Subsequently, we supported the first balcony glazing producers of Turkey with designing their systems and sharing our long year design experience. At the same time we became the first company of Turkey to produce local glazing accessories. We are proud to inspire the very first glazing system producers and steer the glazing system sector in Turkey.

After long years of supporting our shareholders with systems’ design and accessory manufacturing, our company has introduced its own brand of glazing systems – Kupa Glazing Systems. By this, we aimed at producing perfectly running systems that don’t have the design mistakes of the current brands in the sector.

By today, we are proud to have completely our own design folding, sliding, top hanging glazing systems that has the least customer complaints so creating the best value for our dealers.  Our systems get more and more acknowledged abroad as well as in Turkey thanks to mounting and usage ease, their high quality and aesthetical means.

Beside these, our company is the first and only company that produces all of its glazing accessories by its own. All Kupa glazing accessories are manufactured in our premises with high technology machinery by our experienced employees. By this, we guarantee sustainable quality in all of our products.

Making design and manufacturing to its more than 100 dealers, our company keeps its sustainable growth by choosing the right solution partners domestically and abroad and always in chase of designing the right and best solutions for the market.