Contributing to the development of glass balcony systems that add aesthetics to the buildings, Kupa Glazing attaches great importance on innovation in balcony systems and on expanding its domestic-international dealership network. Having its own brand, it feels right proud of being the first domestic company to have the infrastructure of design expertise which will support improvement of actors in the sector as well. Having introduced its own proprietary and original designs to customers, it continues its production and R&D activities at Kupa Glazing Systems Turkey facilities. While offering flexibility in existing systems and models, the company also has an understanding of meeting diligently the needs in line with the consumer demand. The company which guarantees all of the systems it manufactures and puts on the market has a minimum rate of customer complaint.

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Glasstec Fair, organized every year in Düsseldorf, Germany, starts on October 23 this year. This year trend topics of the world’s leading trade fair include as follows:

  • industry 4.0
  • fine glass
  • touch glass
  • handcrafts
  • facade
  • smart glasses technology.

Participants are expected to think about new products and to make evaluations on the applications and methods, as well as trend topics. The organization planned to last four days is going to complete its activities on October 26, 2018.

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The Foundation of Istanbul “People with Mental Disabilities” performs a project for people with Down syndrome, autism and mental difference. The project aims to establish a “Life Village” for these people. To support this project all you can do is watching Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall song via Youtube. When the music clip arrives at 10 million clicks, the fund that necessary for building the Village will found. If you’d like to support this valuable project, watch the video, share with your friends and help them to boost awareness about these lovely people.