Double Glazed Sliding System – Flat Threshold

Privilege of enhanced insulation in flat threshold sliding system

  1. System Features
    • 21,5 mm glass space
    • Spring loaded and adjustable top and bottom wheels enables long years durability and comfort
    • Top wheels that prevents panels coming out, also enables a smooth and steady movement
    • Panel side profiles designed to ensure maximum insulation
    • Special design for corners so easy to apply in different designs with great insulation
    • Practical manufacturing thanks to easily inserted assemble apparatus
    • Full security with hidden and aesthetic panel lock
    • Enduring metal accessories
    • Aesthetic, high quality polyamide panel caps
  2. Technical Details
    Maximum system height 2900 mm
    Maximum panel width 1100 mm
    Glass thickness 21 mm thick double glass options
    Glass type Tempered/laminated
    System operation Sliding to both sides
    Profile colours (in stock) Anodised, press
    Polyamide panel cap colours (in stock) Grey, black
  3. System Parts, Assembly, Profiles and Accessories
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Benefits of The Double Glazed Sliding System – Normal Threshold

    ico1Protects from harsh weather conditions, dirt, noise etc.


    Great solution for smooth exit/entrance areas.            


    ico2Easy to use with side moving panels.


    ico8Enables extra space in exits with no need for a hinged door.


    ico6Enables to create extra spaces and enlarges your living spaces.


    ico7Reduces heating/cooling expenses of the building by increased insulation and extends building life cycle by reduced corrosion.