Folding System Pro Kupa 3

Professional solution for high balconies and glazing needs with threshold

  1. System Features
    • Patented design that enables long years durability and comfort in use especially suitable for glazing high balconies and threshold applicable spaces
    • Panel exit guide that closes automatically with panel movement makes easier usage with stores has Utility Model Award
    • Effective water discharge from bottom rail
    • Thanks to double latched lock mechanism both on top and bottom rail, enhanced security
    • Ability to mount on every kind of space with angular panel caps
    • Easy to mount wheel systems that has Utility Model Award
    • Profile aesthetic that appeal to modern tastes beside their robust structure
    • At bottom and on top 4 pieces of wheel systems at total
    • Totally integrated, elegantly designed wall side aluminium profiles
    • Enhanced insulation with extra wall side gaskets
    • Aesthetic, different angular, high quality polyamide panel caps
    • Corrosion resistant metal accessories
  2. Technical Details
    Maximum system height 3500 mm (10 mm glass), 3000 mm (8 mm glass)
    Maximum panel width 700 mm.
    Glass thickness 8 mm and 10 mm
    Glass type Tempered/laminated
    Movement Sliding and folding
    Profile colours (default) Anodised, white, bronze
    Profile cap colour options (default) White, grey, black
  3. System Parts, Assembly, Profiles and Accessories
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Benefits of Folding System

    ico1Protects from harsh weather conditions, dirt, noise etc.


    ico8 Especially suitable for high balconies and ceiling to floor glazing needs.


    ico2Easy to clean thanks to folding panels.


    ico3Thanks to folding panel exit guide, suitable to use with stores and curtains.


    ico5Ability to glaze different angular spaces.


    ico6Enables to create extra spaces and enlarges your living spaces.


    ico7Reduces heating/cooling expenses of the building by increased insulation and extends building life cycle by reduced corrosion.