Top Hanging System – Eco

Comfort, smoothness and economic solution for top hanging glazing

  1. System Features
    • No tackling, no uneasiness of panel movements thanks to single piece design of parking base
    • Long years of comfortable usage even in the highest glazings thanks to high robustness with glass pins and strong profiles
    • Especially suitable for inner and outer spaces like cafes, malls, offices that requires no threshold on the floor and need easiness to partition the spaces
    • Robust wheel systems that enables smooth and silent movement of panels
    • Bottom and top panel brushes that minimises the penetration of dust, water etc.
    • Maximum security with hidden, in-between panels, to floor locking pins
    • Wheel systems enhanced against corrosion and plastic profile caps
    • Easy mounting with adjustable hinge system
    • Chic design of side frame profiles
  2. Technical Details
    Maximum system height 3200 mm (10 mm glass), 2700 mm (8 mm glass)
    Maximum panel width 1000 mm.
    Glass thickness 8 mm and 10 mm
    Glass type Tempered/laminated
    Movement Sliding and folding, accumulates on a parking bay
    Profile colours (default) Anodised
    Profile cap colour options (default) Black
  3. System Parts, Assembly, Profiles and Accessories
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Benefits of Folding System

    ico1Protects from harsh weather conditions, dirt, noise etc.


    ico6Enables to easily create closed/open areas and partitioning your living spaces.


    ico2Easy to clean thanks to folding panels.


    ico3Especially suitable for entrances/exits thanks to its no-threshold design.


    ico7Reduces heating/cooling expenses of the building by increased insulation and extends building life cycle by reduced corrosion.