ARISTA MINOR – Sliding System High Threshold


Practical solution for space partition and floor to ceiling glazing with sliding panels
  1. System Features
    • Maximum usage area due to non-hinged motion of panels
    • Suitable for space partitioning, also ideal for entrances
    • Special design for corners so easy to apply full system with great insulation
    • Grab rails designed for easy use and enhanced security minimises water, dust etc. penetration at the same time
    • Top and bottom wheel systems with maximum silence and comfort
    • Bottom carriage, adjustable wheel systems
    • Steady movement with cross design wheel system
    • Full security with bottom profile locking panel locks
    • Efficient and chic design of water discharge system at bottom rail
    • Aesthetic, high quality polyamide panel caps
    • Corrosion resistant metal accessories
  2. Technical Details
    Maximum system height2900 mm
    Maximum panel width1100 mm
    Glass thickness8 mm
    Glass typeTempered/laminated
    Profile colours (default)Anodised
    Profile cap colour options (default)Grey, black
  3. Benefits of Sliding System
    • Protects from harsh weather conditions, dirt, noise etc.
    • Easy to use with side moving panels.
    • Enables extra space in exits with no need for a hinged door.
    • Enables to create extra spaces and enlarges your living spaces.
    • Reduces heating/cooling expenses of the building by increased insulation and extends building life cycle by reduced corrosion.