URSA – Rolling Roof


Rolling Roof
Rolling Roof - URSA
  1. System Features

    Ursa is a new way to protect and enhance your living spaces has arrived!Introducing the new Ursa. It instantly makes your outdoor areas more usable while shielding them from adverse weather conditions. Ursa is constructed from robust and durable materials, offering seamless operation with its unique design that eliminates the need for belts and ropes, thanks to the motor on the panel. Additionally, the protection of the kramier gears and supporting mechanisms plays a crucial role in the system's long lifespan. This product offers a wide range of applications, making it ideal for restaurant gardens, hotel terraces, home gardens, swimming pools, and more.

    The standout features of the Rolling Roof include:

    Automatic Opening/Closing: Ursa comes equipped with a user-friendly automation system. The minimal space it requires for retraction allows for a wider overhead extension. When you feel the weather worsening or need shade on a hot day, you can open or close the roof with a simple touch of a button.

    Weather Resilience: Ursa is made from high-quality materials that provide durability against rain, wind, and sun thanks to its mechanical design. The aluminum injection-molded scissors, accessories, and permaglide bushings ensure long-lasting use. It also offers flawless operation in rainy weather with a drainage system. Thus, it protects your spaces against all weather conditions while maintaining its durability over the years.

    Aesthetic Design: The elegant and modern design of the Ursa complements any type of space perfectly. Its special design allows all panels to move simultaneously, offering flawless usage. With color options and customization possibilities, you can achieve a look that suits your personal taste.

    Energy Efficiency: Ursa helps you manage your outdoor spaces efficiently. It allows you to control sunlight, balance indoor temperature, and reduce energy costs. Ursa makes your outdoor areas more functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. When you want to avoid the rain, bask in the sun, or shield yourself from the wind.It also offers the flexibility to match your preferred color, lighting, and design. Made from easily recyclable materials, this eco-friendly product enhances your sustainability efforts. Transform your living spaces with the Ursa and experience all four seasons to the fullest.

  2. Technical Details
    Maxsimum System Height6000 mm
    Maxsimum Panel Width4000 mm
    System OperationOpens by folding backwards
    Profile ColorsRAL Colors