An Innovation on Glazing with Double Glazed: Orion

in Movable Folding Glass Systems 22 November 2018

Orion Glazing System with Thermopane, which we have developed as Kupa Glazing Systems is a significant product in terms of showing the point reached by the glazing technology area. The chain opening ring used in the other systems, has been replaced by a slewing arm located in the middle of the frame in Orion. Bottom and upper safety system can be opened and closed in one move with the help of this arm having the logo of Kupa Glazing Systems product. The glass panels of a glazing system with Orion system move easily. In the system produced with a completely new design, gaskets, boxes, spacers, stuffing, gaskets between rail and base are also newly designed. Orion can be prepared for rightward use as well as for leftward use.

In our Orion system, in places with long balcony, both rightward and leftward system can be used together. The moving panels can be shifted to the desired direction, thus instant requirements can be converted into comfort. In the Orion system, where the exit path on the upper side can be opened and closed easily without any intervention, the upper exit path mechanism and its housing can be self-aligned in accordance with the system. Thus, besides its main task, it provides extra protection against some factors such as cold air and dust which may come from the exit path. In the wheel mechanism, leaning is very important. When leaning against each other, it helps the glass panels to be used in a comfortable way ensuring that they come to the centre. Also, it does not cause any unfavourableness such as falling on and moving away from centre during on-off process.

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Since the lowering / raising settings of the glass panels are carried out with the help of the wedges placed, in this system, it is not encountered with negative effects such as level disruption in glass panels arising in the course of time due to the usage manner or external factors. Orion glazing system with Thermopane, with its performance in heat insulation, provides energy saving for heating on one hand and high performance for sound insulation on the other hand. Model-specific designed equipment and all accessories are easy to install and assembly. Young and dynamic Orion Glazing System is designed to increase the comfort of your home. Orion Glazing System with Thermopane, the young and dynamic member of the Kupa Glazing Systems family, will add value to your home with its longevity and durability.

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