Kupa Glazing Systems Dealership is an Opportunity

in Dealer Special, Movable Folding Glass Systems, News 26 November 2018

Contributing to the development of glass balcony systems that add aesthetics to the buildings, Kupa Glazing attaches great importance on innovation in balcony systems and on expanding its domestic-international dealership network. Having its own brand, it feels right proud of being the first domestic company to have the infrastructure of design expertise which will support improvement of actors in the sector as well. Having introduced its own proprietary and original designs to customers, it continues its production and R&D activities at Kupa Glazing Systems Turkey facilities. While offering flexibility in existing systems and models, the company also has an understanding of meeting diligently the needs in line with the consumer demand. The company which guarantees all of the systems it manufactures and puts on the market has a minimum rate of customer complaint.

Turkey’s first national brand, Kupa Glazing Systems producing all of the accessories used in the registered models in its own facilities, strengthens its service offering comfort and quality that began as Ankara Turkey Glazing Systems with the dealership network. It maintains the structuring of domestic and international glazing dealership and sub-dealership. With the understanding of earning together and sharing happiness together, it keeps the relations strong with its dealers. Not only does each dealer supply and assemble the incoming order, but it also acquires everything developing and changing in the sector with the Kupa Glazing. It keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by guaranteeing that customers are able to get perfect systems in terms of production and assembly through the dealers selected amongst the best firms in the city.


Distinction of Kupa Glazing Systems

Having adopted the principle of mutual development with its dealers, Kupa Glazing Systems presents a very stable profile regarding dealership infrastructure thanks to its working model. It is a privilege to be a Kupa Glazing dealer who produces its all accessories with its high durability and anti-corrosion properties and feels right proud of being in the glass balcony sector. The stakeholder candidates who want to be a dealer of a registered company which is a pioneer and leader in its sector and has the design of all its products can contact us using the contact information on our website.   

For those who want to bring the developing and changing conditions of the sector to its enterprise, Kupa Glazing Systems dealership is the right choice.

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